Get Paid to Write: Top 16 Sites Plus Proven Freelance Strategies

get paid to write

The dream to get paid to write has become an accessible reality for many in this digital era. As we navigate through an era where content is king, the demand for skilled writers across various niches and platforms has surged, opening a myriad of opportunities for those with a knack for the written word. Whether you’re an aspiring novelist, a tech-savvy content creator, or someone who can articulate complex ideas in simple language, the digital landscape offers a plethora of avenues to turn your passion into profit.

For many, writing starts as a hobby or a passion project. However, with the right approach and knowledge, it’s entirely possible to transform this hobby into a lucrative career or a steady source of additional income. The key lies in understanding the market, knowing where to look for opportunities, and how to position yourself as a valuable asset to potential clients or publishers. This comprehensive guide not only points you towards the top 16 sites where you can find writing gigs but also equips you with proven freelance strategies to maximize your earnings and ensure a steady flow of work.

From crafting compelling articles for online magazines to creating engaging content for social media platforms, the opportunities to get paid to write span across various genres and industries. With the advent of content marketing, the need for high-quality writing has never been more pronounced. Businesses, big and small, are on the lookout for writers who can convey their message effectively, making it an ideal time for writers to seize these opportunities.

Embarking on the journey to get paid to write can seem daunting at first. Questions about where to start, how to find clients, and what rates to charge are common among new writers. This article aims to demystify the process, offering a clear path to finding writing gigs and sharing strategies that have been proven to work for freelance writers around the globe. By the end of this read, you’ll have a better understanding of the freelance writing landscape and how you can start making money by doing what you love.

Understanding the Freelance Writing Landscape

Understanding the freelance writing landscape is the first crucial step for anyone looking to get paid to write. In today’s digital-driven world, the scope for freelance writers is vast and varied, encompassing a wide range of mediums and audiences. From crafting engaging content for websites and blogs that captivate online readers, to delving into the more traditional realms of writing articles for magazines and newspapers, the opportunities are endless. Moreover, the demand for persuasive copywriting services by businesses aiming to elevate their brand presence online highlights the versatility required in the freelance writing industry.

As the digital footprint of businesses expands, so does the need for content that resonates with their target audience. This surge in demand creates a fertile ground for writers of all kinds to explore and thrive in. Whether your strength lies in creating informative, SEO-optimized blog posts, weaving compelling narratives, or crafting concise, persuasive copy, there is a place for you in the freelance writing world. The key to unlocking these opportunities is not just in recognizing your writing strengths but also in understanding how to effectively market them.

Navigating the freelance writing landscape requires a strategic approach. Identifying your niche is more than just understanding what you enjoy writing about; it’s about recognizing where your skills can meet market demand. This alignment between your interests and what the market seeks is the sweet spot for any freelance writer looking to get paid to write. It enables you to target your efforts more efficiently, pitching your services to clients who are already looking for the kind of content you excel at creating.

get paid to write

Top 16 Sites to Get Paid to Write

1. Upwork

TypePaymentHow it works
General FreelanceVariesCreate a profile, bid on projects, and work with clients from around the globe.

2. Freelancer

TypePaymentHow it works
General FreelanceVariesSimilar to Upwork, bid on writing projects matching your skills.

3. Fiverr

TypePaymentHow it works
MicroservicesSet your own ratesOffer writing services in packages, allowing for scalable income as you gain more reviews.

4. Contena

TypePaymentHow it works
Writing-focused FreelanceSubscription model for job accessAccess a curated list of writing jobs across various niches.

5. ProBlogger Job Board

TypePaymentHow it works
BloggingVariesBrowse and apply to a range of blogging opportunities.

6. Textbroker

TypePaymentHow it works
Content MillsPay per word, based on levelSubmit writing samples, get rated, and work on assignments fitting your level.

7. iWriter

TypePaymentHow it works
Content MillsPay per wordSimilar to Textbroker, with a fast-track option for advancement.

8. FlexJobs

TypePaymentHow it works
General FreelanceSubscription for job accessAccess vetted freelance, remote, and part-time jobs in writing and beyond.

9. ClearVoice

TypePaymentHow it works
Content MarketingVariesCreate a portfolio, get matched with clients looking for your expertise.

10. Constant Content

TypePaymentHow it works
Content MillsSet your own pricesWrite content on spec or fulfill custom requests from clients.

11. Medium Partner Program

TypePaymentHow it works
Creative WritingBased on reader engagementPublish stories on Medium and earn money based on how many Medium members read your work.

12. LinkedIn Jobs

TypePaymentHow it works
Professional NetworkingVariesUse your network and LinkedIn’s job search feature to find freelance writing gigs.

13. Skyword

TypePaymentHow it works
Content MarketingVariesApply to join Skyword’s pool of writers, get matched with brands.

14. Writer Access

TypePaymentHow it works
Content MillsPay per word, based on ratingGet rated based on your submissions and work with clients on the platform.

15. Zerys

TypePaymentHow it works
Content MillsPay per projectJoin the writer’s marketplace, get hired by clients directly.

16. Copify

TypePaymentHow it works
Content MillsFixed rate per jobApply, get approved, and start accepting writing jobs.

Proven Freelance Strategies

Understand Your Value

Recognizing your unique selling proposition is crucial before you step into the freelance market. This means not only identifying but also embracing the unique skills and perspectives you bring as a writer. Whether it’s an in-depth understanding of a specific industry, a knack for engaging storytelling, or a technical skillset for SEO optimization, your value is what sets you apart from the competition.

Specializing in a niche not only helps in building authority but also in targeting clients who are looking for your specific expertise. This specialization can often lead to higher rates because your work is seen as more valuable due to your focused expertise. It’s about knowing your strengths and how they meet market needs, thereby positioning yourself to get paid to write effectively within your chosen niche.

Build a Strong Portfolio

A compelling portfolio is your gateway to attracting and securing clients. It acts as a tangible demonstration of your writing skills and versatility. To build a strong portfolio, select pieces that highlight your breadth of experience and depth in your chosen niche(s). It’s essential to keep it updated with your latest and best work.

A personal website can go beyond just showcasing your writing; it can reflect your personal brand, your professional journey, and your passion for writing. This digital space becomes a central hub where potential clients can learn about you, your work, and how to get in touch. In the digital age where content is paramount, having an online portfolio is indispensable for anyone looking to get paid to write.

Network Continuously

Networking is a multifaceted tool in the freelance world. It’s about creating connections that can lead to job opportunities, yes, but it’s also about building relationships with peers who can provide support, advice, and feedback. Joining writing forums and communities, attending webinars and workshops, and engaging with other writers on social media can open doors to collaborations, client referrals, and valuable insights into the industry’s best practices.

Remember, networking is not just about taking; it’s about giving back to the community, sharing your knowledge, and helping others along their journey. The relationships you build through networking can be instrumental in your growth and sustainability as a freelance writer.

Set Realistic Rates

Setting your freelance rates is a balancing act between understanding your worth and recognizing market standards. It’s important to conduct thorough research on what other writers in your niche are charging for similar work. Tools like rate calculators, surveys, and industry reports can offer insights into current rate trends. While it’s critical not to undervalue your services, setting rates that are too high without the portfolio to back them up can hinder your ability to secure clients.

Start by setting realistic rates that reflect your experience, the quality of your work, and the complexity of the projects you undertake. As you gain more experience and your portfolio grows, you can gradually increase your rates, justifying them with your proven track record and professional development.

Seek Feedback and Learn

Feedback is the cornerstone of improvement for any writer. Constructive criticism from clients, editors, and even fellow writers can provide invaluable insights into your writing style, areas for improvement, and client satisfaction. Don’t shy away from asking for feedback after completing projects.

This proactive approach not only shows your commitment to quality and growth but also helps tailor your services to better meet client needs and expectations. Learning from feedback and continuously honing your skills are fundamental to building a successful freelance writing career. Remember, every piece of feedback is an opportunity to get better and to increase your potential to get paid to write more effectively.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Effective time management is critical in the freelance world, where you’re your own boss and directly responsible for your productivity and income. Utilizing tools and apps for scheduling, project management, and time tracking can help you stay organized and efficient. Prioritize tasks based on deadlines and complexity, and set realistic goals for your workday.

Remember to allocate time for not just writing, but also for administrative tasks, marketing, and professional development. Balancing multiple projects requires discipline and a strategic approach to how you allocate your time. By managing your time wisely, you ensure that you can meet deadlines, keep clients happy, and maintain a steady flow of work, all of which are key to sustaining a successful freelance writing career.

Adopting these strategies can help you navigate the freelance writing landscape more effectively, allowing you to build a rewarding career centered around your passion for writing.


To get paid to write, it’s essential to immerse yourself in the intricacies of the market and recognize the inherent value of your creative output. This foundational understanding not only informs your approach to securing writing gigs but also empowers you to negotiate fair compensation for your work. Moreover, the journey to becoming a successful freelance writer involves a commitment to ongoing learning and strategy refinement. The landscape of freelance writing is dynamic, with varying demands across different niches and platforms.

By staying informed about industry trends and adapting your tactics accordingly, you position yourself to seize the best opportunities. The plethora of sites available for freelance writers, as highlighted earlier, caters to a wide spectrum of expertise and interests, enabling writers of all backgrounds to find their niche and thrive within it.

However, achieving success in the freelance writing realm requires more than just identifying the right platforms; it demands persistence, dedication, and a willingness to evolve. Success seldom comes overnight and often entails navigating through periods of trial and error. This process, though challenging, is instrumental in honing your craft and developing a resilient professional ethos.

Building a lucrative writing career is achievable by consistently delivering high-quality work, engaging with your client base in a meaningful way, and remaining open to feedback and new learning opportunities. Remember, every article written, every project completed, and every client relationship nurtured brings you one step closer to establishing yourself as a distinguished writer in your chosen field.