30 Best Summer Jobs for Teachers That Will Bring in Extra Cash

summer jobs for teachers

Summer jobs for teachers offer a unique opportunity to recharge while earning extra income. With the academic year over, these roles provide a chance to explore diverse career paths, gain new skills, and enjoy a flexible schedule. Historically, educators have utilized summer jobs to broaden their horizons and supplement their salaries during the break. Whether it’s tutoring, camp counseling, or curriculum development, these positions allow teachers to stay engaged and make a difference outside the classroom. Dive into this guide to discover rewarding summer job options tailored for educators.

Exploring Summer Jobs for Teachers

Diverse Opportunities

Many teachers opt for teaching summer school as it allows them to stay connected with education and earn extra income. This option provides a good summer job that aligns with their expertise.

Another great summer side hustle for teachers is tutoring. By offering personalized lessons to students, teachers can leverage their skills outside the traditional classroom setting.

Flexibility and Balance

During the summer break, teachers often seek side jobs that offer flexibility to enjoy time off while supplementing their income. Babysitting or working at summer camps are popular choices among educators.

Engaging in activities related to hobbies or interests can also serve as a fulfilling summer job for teachers, promoting a healthy work-life balance during the break.

summer jobs for teachers

Online Tutoring and Test Prep Roles

Flexibility in Schedule

Online tutoring roles offer flexibility for teachers to conduct tutoring sessions at convenient times, fitting around their summer schedules. Teachers can choose the number of hours they work each week.

High Demand for Test Prep Tutors

During the summer, there is a significant demand for test prep tutors as students prepare for upcoming exams. Teachers can help students improve their skill levels in various subjects through tailored lessons.

Leveraging Teaching Skills

Teachers can leverage their expertise by conducting online surveys to assess students’ needs and tailor lessons accordingly. This allows them to provide personalized guidance based on individual student requirements.

Online tutoring platforms connect teachers with students seeking academic support during the summer break. Teachers can post their qualifications and specify the subjects they are proficient in teaching. By offering online tutoring services, teachers can continue to impact students’ academic journeys outside traditional classroom settings.

Selling Educational Materials Online

Online Marketplace

Teachers can tap into the vast potential of online marketplaces to sell their educational materials. Platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers and EduCents offer a convenient way to reach a wide audience and generate passive income.

Free Ebook

Creating and offering a free ebook can be an excellent marketing strategy for teachers selling educational resources online. This approach helps attract more customers, build a loyal following, and ultimately increase sales.


Teachers have the opportunity to showcase their creativity by designing engaging websites to promote and sell their educational materials. Personalized websites allow them to establish their brand and connect with a broader audience beyond traditional classroom settings.

Gift Cards

Incorporating gift cards into promotional campaigns can encourage more buyers to purchase educational resources. Offering gift cards on special occasions or through referral programs can boost sales and attract new customers to the online platform.


Publishing a physical or digital book containing educational content can further expand a teacher’s reach and credibility in the online marketplace. By diversifying their product offerings, teachers can cater to different preferences and learning styles among students.

summer jobs for teachers

Remote Teaching Opportunities


Remote teaching during the summer offers teachers a great opportunity to continue working and earning extra income. With the flexibility of online platforms, educators can create and share lesson plans with students even when schools are closed. This not only provides a source of extra money but also allows teachers to stay connected to their profession during the break.

Online Platforms

Various online teaching platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare allow teachers to share their expertise and earn money. These platforms often offer free training to help educators navigate the online teaching environment effectively. Teachers can choose to work part-time or dedicate their spare time during the summer to teach on these platforms, providing them with a valuable source of income.

Wider Audience Reach

One significant advantage of remote teaching is reaching a wider audience beyond traditional classroom settings. By utilizing online tools and resources, teachers can connect with students worldwide, expanding their teaching horizons. This not only enhances their teaching experience but also opens up new possibilities for collaboration and learning opportunities.

Coaching and Youth Sports Management

Summer Camps

Coaching youth sports at summer camps offers teachers a rewarding experience outside the classroom. Engaging with kids in activities like soccer, basketball, or swimming can foster teamwork and leadership skills.

Teachers can mentor high school students during summer camps, guiding them to develop athletically and personally. This interaction goes beyond academics, shaping young minds in a different setting.

Skill Development

In coaching youth sports, teachers can witness firsthand the growth of their students’ abilities over the course of the summer. From improving techniques to building confidence, these experiences are invaluable for both teachers and students.

Teachers may also address students’ questions about sports, helping them understand the game better and enhancing their overall experience. This personalized approach can significantly impact a student’s learning journey.

summer jobs for teachers

Pet and House Sitting Services

Flexibility in Schedule

Pet sitting and house sitting allow teachers to work around their summer schedules. They can choose when to take on assignments, allowing for a perfect balance between work and leisure.

Building Trust and Responsibility

Being entrusted with someone’s pets or home requires a high level of trust and responsibility. Teachers can showcase their reliability and care through pet sitting, leading to long-term client relationships.

Long-Term Client Relationships

Freelance Writing and Content Creation

Online Platforms

Teachers with strong writing skills can leverage freelance writing as a creative outlet. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer offer opportunities to work on various content projects. Teachers can write articles, blog posts, and social media content, and they can even provide editing services.

On these platforms, teachers can showcase their expertise by creating engaging stories or informative pieces related to education. They can also contribute to language learning materials or develop educational resources for students worldwide. The flexibility of freelance writing allows teachers to work around their schedules while earning extra cash.

Blogging and Personal Websites

Creating a personal blog or website is another avenue for teachers to share their knowledge and experiences. By regularly posting articles on educational topics, teachers can attract a dedicated audience interested in their insights. This platform enables teachers to delve into topics they are passionate about and engage with readers through comments and discussions.

Teachers can use their blogs as a platform to discuss teaching strategies, recommend books for reading, or share classroom activities that make learning fun. Through blogging, teachers not only enhance their writing skills but also establish themselves as experts in their field.

Driving and Delivery Services


Driving and delivery services offer flexible schedules suitable for teachers balancing work and summer break. With platforms like food delivery apps, teachers can choose when to work, fitting gigs around their availability.

Part-time driving gigs provide an opportunity for teachers to earn extra income during the summer months. By utilizing their own car, teachers can take on delivery tasks with various companies, catering to different client needs.


Engaging in driving and delivery services allows teachers to enjoy independence in their work. They can select the type of deliveries they prefer, whether it’s food, furniture, or mail. This independence empowers teachers to manage their workload according to their preferences.


You’ve explored various summer job opportunities for teachers, including online tutoring, selling educational materials, remote teaching, coaching, pet sitting, freelance writing, and driving services. These options offer flexibility, the chance to hone your skills outside the classroom, and additional income during the summer break.

Consider leveraging your expertise in different ways to make the most of your time off and enhance your professional development. Whether you choose to teach online, write content, or engage in sports management, there are diverse avenues for you to explore based on your interests and strengths.

Take the time to reflect on these options and select the ones that best align with your goals and preferences. Embrace the opportunity to expand your horizons, gain new experiences, and make a positive impact beyond traditional teaching roles. Your summer job can be a rewarding experience that benefits you and those you interact with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Summer jobs for teachers include online tutoring, selling educational materials online, remote teaching opportunities, coaching youth sports, pet and house sitting services, freelance writing, and driving/delivery services.

How can teachers benefit from engaging in online tutoring during the summer?

Engaging in online tutoring during the summer allows teachers to utilize their expertise, earn extra income, and help students improve academically from the comfort of their homes. It offers flexibility and a rewarding way to stay connected with teaching.

Are there any specific skills required for selling educational materials online as a summer job for teachers?

To sell educational materials online successfully, teachers should have good organizational skills, creativity in designing resources, marketing knowledge to reach potential buyers effectively, and an understanding of the curriculum to create relevant content.

What advantages do remote teaching opportunities offer to teachers during the summer break?

Remote teaching opportunities provide flexible working hours, the ability to work from anywhere, diverse teaching experiences with students worldwide, and additional income. It allows teachers to continue honing their craft while enjoying a change of pace.

How can coaching youth sports be a fulfilling summer job choice for teachers?

Coaching youth sports enables teachers to share their passion for sports with young athletes, develop leadership and teamwork skills in children, stay active during the summer months, contribute positively to the community, and enjoy a dynamic and rewarding experience outside the classroom.