49 Weird Ways to Make Money That You Should Totally Try at Least Once

Weird Ways to Make Money

Did you know that there are unconventional and bizarre ways to earn money? From selling hair to renting out your friendship, the world of weird money-making opportunities is vast. Imagine getting paid to be a human scarecrow or renting your beard for advertising purposes. These odd ventures may sound strange, but they can be surprisingly lucrative. If you’re intrigued by the idea of exploring unconventional paths to make some extra cash, buckle up for a journey into the realm of weird ways to make money.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore unconventional income streams to discover new ways of making money beyond traditional methods.
  • Monetize your unique skills and talents by offering specialized services or products that set you apart from the competition.
  • Generate passive earnings by renting out space or items you own, turning idle assets into profitable opportunities.
  • Enter the world of digital side hustles to leverage online platforms and technology for additional income streams.
  • Turn personal assets, such as your car or camera, into profit by renting or providing services related to them.
  • Engage in the sharing economy by utilizing platforms that allow you to share resources or services for financial gain.
Weird Ways to Make Money

Exploring Unconventional Income Streams

Mystery Shopping

Consider trying mystery shopping to earn extra money. This involves visiting stores or restaurants anonymously to evaluate the service and overall experience. Companies pay individuals to provide customer service, cleanliness, and product quality feedback. Mystery shopping can be a fun and flexible way to earn additional income.

Clinical Trials Participation

Another unconventional method is getting paid to participate in clinical trials. Pharmaceutical companies often require volunteers to test new drugs or medical procedures. While this option has risks, it can also offer substantial compensation for those willing to participate. Before joining any trial, thoroughly understand the potential side effects and commitments involved.

Renting Out Friendship

Consider renting out your friendship through online platforms that connect individuals seeking companionship. Some people are willing to pay for social interactions, whether it’s attending events together, having conversations, or simply spending time with someone. This unusual way of making money can be financially and socially rewarding, allowing you to meet new people while earning an income.

Monetizing Unique Skills and Talents

Virtual Experiences

Offer customers personalized virtual experiences, such as creating custom songs or poems tailored to their preferences. This unique service allows you to use your creative skills while providing clients memorable and meaningful gifts.

Custom Crafts on Etsy

Craft custom-made items and sell them on platforms like Etsy. You can attract customers looking for unique handmade products by showcasing your crafting abilities. This avenue not only helps you earn money but also allows you to express your creativity through tangible goods.

Niche Consulting Services

Provide niche consulting services based on your expertise in a specific field. Leveraging your knowledge and experience can attract clients seeking specialized guidance, whether it’s advice on social media marketing strategies or financial planning. This tailored approach enables you to help others while effectively monetizing your skills.

Weird Ways to Make Money

Passive Earnings Through Space and Items

Renting Space

Utilize your unused parking space to generate passive income by renting it out to drivers in need.

Rent out your parking spot during peak hours or when you’re away to earn extra cash effortlessly.

Listing Clothes

List your clothes on rental platforms to earn a steady income stream without much effort.

Earn money passively by letting others rent and wear your clothes for a fee.

Hosting Travelers

Make money by hosting travelers in your spare room through platforms like Airbnb.

Turn your empty guest room into a source of passive income by welcoming guests for short periods.

The World of Digital Side Hustles

YouTube Channel

Creating a profitable YouTube channel can be a lucrative digital side hustle. Focus on a unique niche to attract viewers and monetize through ads and sponsorships.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant for busy professionals is another way to earn money online. Assist with email management, scheduling, and research, leveraging your organizational skills.

Online Tutoring

Offering online tutoring services in specialized subjects is in high demand. Utilize platforms like Zoom or Skype to conduct sessions during your free time and help students achieve academic success.


  • Flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • Opportunity to earn passive income through recorded tutorials.


  • Requires initial investment in equipment.
  • Competition from established channels and tutors may be tough.
Weird Ways to Make Money

Turning Personal Assets into Profit

Renting Car

Make money by renting out your car through peer-to-peer car-sharing platforms. This innovative approach allows you to earn extra income by utilizing an otherwise idle asset.

Selling Stock Photos

Monetize your photography skills by selling stock photos online. Platforms like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock offer photographers the opportunity to showcase their work and earn a passive income.

Leasing Household Items

Generate income by leasing out your unused household items. From power tools to camping gear, various items can be rented out to needy individuals, turning your belongings into profit-generating assets.

Renting out personal assets provides additional income and promotes sustainability by maximizing existing resources. These unconventional money-making methods allow individuals to tap into new revenue streams while benefiting others who need temporary access to specific items.

Engaging in the Sharing Economy

Gardening Tools

Earn money by sharing your gardening tools with neighbors. Websites like RentMyItems allow you to list your tools for rent, making extra cash while helping others. This practice is becoming common for people to access items they don’t use often.

Designer Clothes

Make money by lending your designer clothes through online platforms like Rent the Runway. By renting out your high-end outfits, you can earn a steady income without selling them outright. This trend of sharing luxury items is gaining popularity among fashion enthusiasts.

Meal-Sharing Services

Participate in meal-sharing services like EatWith where you can cook meals for guests in exchange for payment. This lets you showcase your culinary skills and make money by offering unique dining experiences. Joining these platforms enables you to connect with food lovers and earn from your passion for cooking.

Creative Content Creation for Cash


Write and sell e-books on niche topics you know well. Platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing offer a direct way to earn extra cash.

Monetize Blog

Monetize your blog through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. This can bring in real money through ads and collaborations.

Digital Art

Create and sell digital art or designs on platforms such as Redbubble or Society6. This avenue offers opportunities to earn prize money.

Venturing into creative content creation can be a lucrative way to make money online. Leveraging your expertise in specific niches can help you tap into various revenue streams. Selling e-books allows you to share your knowledge while earning extra cash through platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing.

Monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing and sponsored posts generates free money and boosts engagement with your audience. Showcasing your digital art or designs on platforms like Redbubble or Society6 opens opportunities to earn prize money while expressing creativity.

Participating in Niche Markets

Rare Collectibles

Investing in rare collectibles can yield substantial returns over time. Look for unique items with limited availability, such as vintage toys or memorabilia.

Specialized Online Courses

Offering specialized online courses tailored to niche interests can attract a dedicated audience willing to pay a premium for exclusive knowledge and skills.

Handmade Products

Creating and selling handmade products targeting specific demographics can be lucrative. Consider crafting personalized items or unique designs for niche markets.


You’ve now explored many unconventional ways to earn money, from leveraging your unique skills to diving into niche markets. Monetizing your talents, assets, and even digital presence can unlock various income streams. The opportunities are endless, whether you engage in the sharing economy, create content, or tap into passive earnings.

Remember, thinking creatively and capitalizing on what sets you apart is key. You can turn these unconventional avenues into profitable ventures with dedication and a strategic approach. So, go ahead and start exploring these weird but lucrative paths to make money!

Weird Ways to Make Money Frequently Asked Questions

How can I explore unconventional income streams?

To explore unconventional income streams, consider unique opportunities like renting out your belongings, offering quirky services, or participating in market research studies to earn extra cash.

What are some examples of monetizing unique skills and talents?

Examples of monetizing unique skills and talents include freelance writing, creating custom artwork, offering personalized coaching sessions, or providing specialized consulting services.

How can I turn personal assets into profit?

You can turn personal assets into profit by renting out your space on platforms like Airbnb, selling handmade crafts online, leveraging your social media influence for sponsored posts, or offering tutoring services based on your expertise.

What is the sharing economy, and how can I engage in it?

The sharing economy involves peer-to-peer sharing of resources or services. You can participate by renting your car through platforms like Turo, offering freelance services on TaskRabbit, or listing accommodations on Airbnb.

How can I participate in niche markets to earn money?

To participate in niche markets for earning money, identify specific areas where you have expertise or a unique perspective. This could involve creating niche products for a targeted audience, offering specialized consulting services, or launching a blog catering to a distinct niche.